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Work from Home Desk - Date 04/07/2020

Cat sitting in chair at work from home desk at Mirabella Apartments, Bermuda Dunes, California

Working from home comes with its own challenges, which is why it’s essential to have the perfect working space – what’s your ideal setup? #wfh #workfromhome #homeoffice

Pet-Friendly Apartments - Date 04/03/2020

Woman with happy dog on couch at Mirabella Apartments,  40300 Washington

Nothing makes coming home, or staying inside, better than your pets, and you can take advantage of that fully with our pet-friendly apartments! #weloveourpets #petfriendly

Local Delivery Options - Date 04/01/2020

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Even if you're staying in, you can still eat to your heart's content while supporting local businesses. From home beer delivery to 25% off take out orders, there's a host of options on the list of take out and delivery options! bit.ly/TakeOutandDeliveryinCV

Business Center - Date 03/27/2020

Computer in business center

Whether you work from home regularly or just in a pinch, Mirabella has you taken care of with our business center complete with fax, copying service, and Wi-Fi. #workfromhomehttp://bit.ly/MirabellaApts

Gas Stove - Date 03/25/2020

Gas stove and range at Mirabella in Bermuda Dunes, California

With the prospect of more time inside on the horizon, you'll never be more thankful for your chef-inspired kitchen and gas stove that will enable you to cook like all those fancy celebrity chefs. #homechef #finedining http://bit.ly/MirabellaApts

Freedom Park - Date 03/19/2020

Clouds in the sky at Freedom Park near Mirabella in Bermuda Dunes

If you're feeling a little cooped up and want to get out, head over to Freedom Park to stretch your legs and catch some sunshine. http://bit.ly/FreedomParkPD

Murph's Gaslight - Date 03/17/2020

Fried Chicken at Murph

If you want to stay in, but still treat yourself, order the best fried chicken in town at Murph's Gaslight just down Ave 42 from your front door. #friedchicken #murphs

The Slice Pizzeria and Ristorante - Date 03/12/2020

Pizza at The Slice NY Style Pizzeria in Palm Desert

Are you hungry for a great slice of pizza? Fear not because New York has come to you. Visit The Slice NY Style Pizzeria Ristorante where you can grab a slice, sammie, or even build your own pasta dish! #grabaslice #sliceme #pizza

Private Patio - Date 03/11/2020

Sunset at Mirabella Apartments in Bermuda Dunes, CA

Take in those famous desert sunsets from the comfort of your very own patio at Mirabella. http://bit.ly/MirabellaApts

La Quinta Cliffhouse - Date 03/06/2020

Steak at The Cliffhouse near Mirabella Apartments, California

Treat yourself to a night out at one of the most classic restaurants in town, the La Quinta Cliffhouse. You can enjoy prime cuts of beef in a unique and perfect setting that you can't find anywhere else. #cliffhouse